Talento Citrofrut

At Citrofrut, we know that talent is essential to achieve our objectives. Therefore, our employees are experienced people with widespread interest in further development.

That is why we are looking for you!

At Citrofrut, we have Talent Programs, based in the firm belief of people's growth and development and focused on the constantly arising company's needs.

  • Semilleros
    Finding talent that is about to graduate for key positions.

    Addressing the agricultural and operations future needs with new graduates.

    Internal Talent Development
    Develop internal employee talent .


If you are interested in any of our programs contact us through our email or phone.
Ph. +52 8183 89 42 00 Ext. 4235

If you would like to work with us send your resume and tell us which of our locations interests you.
Ph. +52 8183 89 42 00 Ext. 4254